Thursday, 27 February 2014

Paper-Chase Wish List #1

Hello There!

I found some lovely pieces on the Paperchase website that I thought I would share with you all. All if the items are new and part of their new Primavera range. I think these items would make lovely gifts and presents as there is everything from stationary to teacups.

I am completely in love with the floral design on all of the items and I could go crazy buying them all! These are just some of my favorites from the Paper-chase range!

1. Hot Water Bottle- £12.50
2. Alu Water Bottle- £6.00
3. XL Scrapbook- £12.50
4. Teacup and Saucer set- £12.00
5. Insulated Cup- £7.00

Monday, 24 February 2014

Yankee Candle: Simple Home // Pink Honeysuckle

Hello there!

 Today I thought I would share with you all these lovely items I picked up in Asda the other day while shopping. These products are from the Simple Home range from Yankee Candle. I chose the Honeysuckle Tart and small candle, out of all the other scents. 

Not only are they pink, but they smell amazing! A very sweet scent, that smells good enough to eat! The tart has a brilliant strong scent when I began to melt it in my Yankee burner. The beautiful scent traveled out of my room and filled the rest of the house. I was quite surprised at how strong this candle and tart were, because of their great price, (Both we're £1.00 each)

What is your favourite Yankee scent???

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Boohoo Haul...

I recently purchased a few items from Boohoo and I thought I would share them with you all! The leather jacket I have been wanting for so long, I am just crazy about the studs in the shoulders and lapels.

From £40.00 down to £20.00 this jacket is a total bargain! I love it so much and I can't wait to pair it with some lovely casual dresses!

This is the Harriet Velvet skater dress. I first saw this dress advertised in a lilac colour it also come in. But I really do prefer the pink shade! At £15.00 at thought this dress was great value and so pretty!

I saw this floral peplum top just before I was checking out the other two items I had in my basket. It was one sake at just £4.00, which I think it brilliant and will look great with a black pencil skirt!

Monday, 17 February 2014

My Favourites From The Baftas 2014

Photo Source

So here are my favourites from the 2014 BAFTAS! And wow, there were some very colourful dresses! But these three are my absolute favourites.

1. Fearne Cotton 
Loving the embellishments on this dress and the style of Cotton's dress is super elegant! Loving the vintage feel!

2. Lupito Nyong'o
OMW. This dress is gorgeous, from the colour to the fitted top of the dress!

3. Uma Thurman
I usually like dresses which are more colourful, but I have to say I love this plain black dress. It is totally sophisticated and stunning on her!

I love all three of these dresses and each one completely suits each of these beautiful ladies, from skin tone to hair colour! Loving them! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lush Love Locket...

"You have to unlock (crack open) this Love Locket bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within." (Lush Website)

I was a very happy girl yesterday when my lovely wee mummy purchased this Lush Love Locket bath bomb when we popped into Lush Belfast yesterday! I have seen some bloggers posting photos of this little beauty and I wanted it immediately. I think the price, £6.95, was putting a lot of people off, as it is the dearest in the shop! 

I just love the look of this bath bomb and the sweet scent was gorgeous. This bath bomb is designed to be cracked open just like a heart locket necklace! Inside the heart was a small little heart filled with little red confetti hearts, which was a lovely touch!

The price I think is a little not over the top, but because of the lovely scent and the effect the bath bomb had on the water, I would possible consider purchasing this item again. However if the price was a little lower, I wouldn't even have to think about buying another one!

Have you tried the Lush Love locket yet??

Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Pandora Charm Collection

Hello there! 

I saw on Hayleys blog Strangeness & Charm a post showing her Pandora charm collection and I thought it would be a great idea to do my own post showing my own collection of charms. I first received my Pandora bracelet years ago for my 18th birthday! 

My first charm was bought for me from my parents and it was the turtle charm. Being such an impatient person, I was busting to fill up my bracelet up with charms as soon as possible!

Many of the charms I have on my bracelet have been gifts from my parents and my friends and therefore they are all charms which really represent my character and things I love! My favourite charms are the owl, the tea cup and the pumpkin.

You can find and purchase the Pandora bracelets and the charms in Argento shops and also on the Argento site.

Do you have a Pandora bracelet and any charms??

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Boohoo Wishlist // #2 Thinking Pink

I love the pastel colour of this dress and the cut out part of the dress is a gorgeous extra detail. This dress is the perfect neutral dress, which I think would suit any skin tones or hair colour.

This smock dress is very casual and would be perfect with a pair of boots and a leather jacket. (I am planning getting this dress very soon, so I'm thinking about what to pair it with already!)

3.Hayley Checked Shift Dress £15.00

I love the checked print on dresses which is everywhere at the minute! The print added with the colours, this dress is super cute and very vintage looking!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Models Own Nail Polish Haul!

This is my Models Own Nail polish Haul from the Half price sale they were having. I actually didn't find out about the sale until, practically the last minute when I saw someones blog post about it!

This is actually my first time purchasing and trying Models Own nail polishes, so I'm very excited! Unfortunately the sale is over now, but here are the items I purchased. 

 I thought the Sale which they had on was brilliant! Once you added the items you wanted to your basket, added the half price code and like magic...the total halved! It was such a bargain getting the nail polish for just £2.50 each instead of £5.00!

From Left to Right

I honestly don't know which shade I am more excited about trying! I did, in some terms, play it safe with the shades I chose like the red and the pink, but I thought I might a swell purchase some staple nail colours as well as trying a few different ones!

Have you tried any of the Models Own Nail Polishes? What shades are your favourite?

Friday, 7 February 2014

Mac Lipstick Haul...

Hello there!

This post has been a long time coming! Since becoming obsessed with beauty and make-up products, I have always wanted to own my own MAC lipstick(s). I really don't have a valid reason why I haven't purchased any before! So the other day I took the plunge and bought three MAC lipsticks from their website.

The three colours I chose were Ruby Woo, Vegas Volt and Myth. I thought I would choose one red shade, one bright shade and one nude shade. I love the shades I chose, although I found it very hard since there was so many to choose from! I didn't know where to start!! 

So, what is your favourite Mac Lipstick shade?? 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tresemme' Salon Silk Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I have been using Tresemme' haircare products for a while now. However a few months ago, I switched from the normal, original Tresemme' shampoo and conditioner to the Salon Silk products. 

You can purchase these shampoos from many shops and outlets. I usually purchase mine from Superdrug, where it is £4.99 for a 900 ml bottle of product. 

I love how these products, especially the conditioner, leaves my hair feeling super soft and really healthy looking, Not only that my hair was left very smooth and nourished looking. The more I use these products, the softer and better conditioned my hair is looking and feeling! 
I would recommend using these Tresemme' Salon Silk Shampoos and Conditioners, for those who have dry or hair that is prone to friz.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Barry M Haul // Nail Paints

Hello there!

I have been loving all of the Barry M glittery and sparkly nail paints, I think they look so pretty and are brilliant value for money. 

From left to right - Amethyst £2.99
Duchess £3.99
Rose Quartz £2.99
Princess £3.99

I have tried and purchased the nail paint Amethyst before and loved the coloured sparkled nail look. Duchess and Princess are gorgeous, fabulous shades that are so bright and sparkle! Both of these nails paints are part of the royal collection and are slightly more expensive than the other nail paints. However these nail paints are certainly worth the money, glitter and sparkles are your finger tips. (Excuse the pun!)

Have you been loving any of the Barry M Nail Paints??

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