Saturday, 1 February 2014

Barry M Haul // Nail Paints

Hello there!

I have been loving all of the Barry M glittery and sparkly nail paints, I think they look so pretty and are brilliant value for money. 

From left to right - Amethyst £2.99
Duchess £3.99
Rose Quartz £2.99
Princess £3.99

I have tried and purchased the nail paint Amethyst before and loved the coloured sparkled nail look. Duchess and Princess are gorgeous, fabulous shades that are so bright and sparkle! Both of these nails paints are part of the royal collection and are slightly more expensive than the other nail paints. However these nail paints are certainly worth the money, glitter and sparkles are your finger tips. (Excuse the pun!)

Have you been loving any of the Barry M Nail Paints??


  1. gorgeous blog girl and love the nail polishes!


  2. awww thank you!! And thank you for commenting!! :



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