Friday, 21 August 2015

Superdrug Tea-tree Skincare products

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share with you all some products that I have been using to clear up my skin. 

About a month ago my skin got really bad, so bad my make-up could barely cover it up. I have always been prone to spots and problem skin and it has been something I have tried everything to get rid of!

-Cleanser and toner
-Facial Cleasning pads
 -Blended tea tree oil
 -Deep cleansing nose strips

The first item I started using was the facial cleansing pads and after just a couple of uses I noticed the difference in my skin. Not only did I notice fewer spots, but the overall appearance of my skin looked so much better! 


It says on the back of most of these products to integrate them with your skincare routine and to use them about twice a week.

These products are all from Superdrug own brand range and are super inexpensive, especially when they are on offer! I purchased them when they were all on offer, but I would say what you wouldn't even need all of the product in the range just even one product i found worked for me!

Have you tried any Tea tree products?

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Favourite Summer Moisturisers

Hello everyone!

After having a little clear out of my products, I realised that I have been using these four products none stop since I purchased each of them! 
Also as we are still in the summer months, I thought it would be useful to share some products that i have found great to use in these slightly warmer summer months!

1. Garnier Moisture match Hydrating gel - £3.99 (Purchased at £1.00!)
I mentioned this product in a video I did on my channel showing my July favourites. This was actually recommended to me from a friend, and I am so very glad she did! I love the fact that this moisturiser is very refreshing and i find it absorbs very quickly as-well!

2. Nivea Moisturising day cream - £5.35
This product is one I have talked about many times on this blog and my channel, but it is just so good! As-well this little pot lasts such a long time, which is a great thing as I use it every day!

3. Nivea Soft moisturising cream - £1.20
Another great Nivea product and this one has a couple of different uses, as it can be used on the body. This is only a small tub of this product as I got it in a small Nivea gift set. I do like this product as a body moisturiser, however I actually referred to use it on my face.

4. Astral face and body moisturiser - £1.89
This product is a slightly newer product for me, I actually received a smaller tub of this cream in a glossybox. I have to admit I wasn't that fussed on this product, but the results on my skin was rather quite impressive! After I purchased this bigger tub, which is as you can see a pink limited edition one for superdrug!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

July 2015 Favourites

Hello everyone!

I recently uploaded a monthly favourites video up on my youtube channel. Included in my monthly favourites video are some make-up items, skincare and some other product I have been loving! 

Is anyone else shocked that it is August already!! 

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