Monday, 22 July 2013

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Treatment (Quick) Review...

Confession time...I have a terrible habit. A habit of biting my nails. (DUNDUNDUN...) Okay so it might not be a big deal to many people as lots and lots of people do it....but the thing it I HATE IT!

 It isn't the act itself I hate, but I really can't stand my nails being really short. As I have this dislike for my nails being short I often wear fake nails, but sadly after removing my fake nails just the other day I found my real nails to be terrible condition...broken, short and very unhealthy looking.

After searching for nail products to help repair my nails, I stumbled upon this Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Treatment in Boots. 
It was the 'Maximum Growth' part of this product which really caught my eye and I instantly began picturing my nails grown long and super healthy.

I have only been using this for a couple of weeks now, but I have already notice how much stronger my naul shave become. Which actually surprised me as my nails are usually very brittle and prone to breaking very easily!


  1. I absolutely love sally hansen

  2. i love sally hansen dry drops... this sounds fab too. xx


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