Saturday, 26 October 2013

Belated Birthday Presents Post...(photo heavy)

This post is well-over due, but I thought I would still share with you all some of the lovely gifts I received for my 21st birthday!

(*I am not bragging about the presents I received from my birthday, but I thought I would share some photographs of the lovely gifts I received*)

I received so many goodies, which I'm so grateful for! Lush products, Argento earrings, a Paperchase scrapbook, perfume and so many other lovely presents!

My lovely sister also made big photo collages which she put up for my birthday party! (Some very embarrassing photographs!)

One of the presents from my parents was my birthday cake (above), it was made my managers mother, from some photographs I sent her! I was so happy with it and didn't want to cut it at all!

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