Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rimmel Scandal Eyes- Rockin' Curves

  This is the newest Rimmel mascara to hit the shelves and the newest addition to my make-up collection. It really feel like Rimmel have a new mascara out all the time, which I think would be quite confusing for anyone trying to choose a new mascara for the first time!

The Curved brush as suggested in the title, 'Rockin' Curves,' is something new and may take a while getting used to. The brush as well, I will add is quite big and thick, so for those of you who do not like big mascara wands or brushes I would not recommend this for you! I however, actually like the mascara with bigger brush, they always seem to work well with giving a bit of mush needed length and volume to me short eyelashes!

Volume they said. 'No clumps' they said. 

Well both of those statements weren't exactly true. The brush did have a lot of product on it the first time I used it, and it did make my eyelashes look a little clumpy. Actually I think that is putting is mildly, there was a lot of product and loads of clumping! I found it very hard to coat my lashes without having them overly coated in mascara!

I didn't see a lot of difference to the volume of my lashes, but my lashes did look a little longer from using this product, compared to other small brush mascara. Also they in the description said it gives volumes to inner lashes because of the brush. Granted I did find it sightly more easy with with angle of brush to coat my inner lashes with the product, but it didn't give the effect I thought it was going to give. 

So Try or Miss? I think unless you are dying to try this product out, give it a miss at least for now as the price is not really worth the product in my opinion.

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