Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lush 'Whoosh' Shower Jelly Review...

I actually received this a while ago as a gift from one of my lovely friends. Before receiving this product, I haven't before tried any of the Lush shower Jellies, although each time I have been in the shop I have been very interested as they look so cool!

This the Whoosh Shower jelly and it is made with Lemon, Lime and Rosemary. The scent is very fresh and defiantly has a strong citrus scent to it.
The jelly itself is just as you would expect, it being called a shower jelly and all. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well the shower jelly lathered up too!

I really love the little description on the front of the tub, "Whoosh was named after the sound of deadline whizzing by. Useful for renewed focus when tired, jet lagged or revising for exams." I just thought this description of this shower jelly was so funny and very true as the scent is so very refreshing.

The 100g pot of this is £3.50 and the 240g is £6.95. And there is also a Sweetie Pie Cherry scent, which I really want to try!

Have you tried any of the Lush Shower Jellies??

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