Thursday, 25 June 2015

Primark Haul // June 2015

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you all, some items which I recently picked up in Primark! On this occasion in primark they actually some really great summer items, which really put me in the mood to go on holiday!

Straw hat -£3.00!
Despicable Me movie t-shirt -£6.00
Little mermaid shorts- £4.00
Disney Sleeping beauty flip-flops- £2.00

As you can tell from the photo, my inner child came out and forced me to purchase so many Disney and movie related items! However I was suer happy with all my purchases and I also bought some other cute things, which are featured in my newest Youtube video!

Has anyone else picked any good buys at Primark recently?

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Quick Review //Garnier Miscellar Water

Hello everyone!

This is one product I have been using and loving for the past couple of weeks now! I believe this is the first Micellar water I have tried, as I just normally use cleanser and toners. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about this product and it cleansing powers, but I was very wrong!

Not only does this product remove make-up...but it REMOVES ALL make-up! Even when I think I have removed my make-up using wipes and washing my face, this product removes make-up I didn't know was even there!

I do have problematic skin, but I didn't have any problems using this product as it does say it can be used on sensitive skin. There is also another Garnier Miscellar water which is for combination to oily skin, which I might try aswell! After using this product my skin feels deeply cleaned and fresh and now using this product is part of my daily routine.

Have you tried any Miscellar waters?

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lush haul // June 2015

Hello everyone!

 I recently had an urge to buy and try some Lush products that I have heard a lot about, but have never tried! So as you can see below the first three items I purchased are all in tubs, two of which are face products. I typical don't purchase items like this from lush I normally stick to bath bombs and soap, but I thought it would be fun to try something new! 

Mask of magnaminty- £5.50
The Mask of Magnaminty is a face and body mask which smell like mint chocolate ice-cream! I can't wait to try this one out and stop myself from attempting to eat it! I really love using face masks and I have no idea why I haven't tried any of the Lush masks before now!

D'fluff shaving soap- £5.75
I had never heard of this product before, but I saw someone talking about it in a youtube video and I thought I would give it a go! It doesn't smell as sweet and strong as I would have imagined, but I will save judgement until after I have tried and tested out this product!

Aqua marina cleanser- £6.75
This is a facial cleanser and is supposed to be used to sooth and
help problematic skin. I still haven't decided whether or not I like the smell of this one. It does contain seaweed and aloe vera, so it does have a strong *sea* scent to it, but if it calms down my skin when I'm having problems... I really won't care about the smell!

Fizzbanger bathbomb- £3.35 
This one I have had before in a Christmas giftbox. I really liked this one as it comes with a few surprises inside and slightly scared me last time when I popped it into the bath!

Rose Queen bath bomb- £2.75
This one is new to me...ahhh...can't wait to try this one, it smells amazing! A very strong rose, floral scent and ofcourse it is pink! What more can you want from a lush bath bomb!

Dragon's Egg- £3.35
I have been wanting this one for a while now, even the name has excited me! It has a fresh citrus scent to it (which I love) and I am expecting an interesting colour show judging from the photos I have seen!

Have you been loving any Lush products lately?

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hand and Nail care essentials

Hello everyone!

After having a clear out of my nail polish bag, I came across a couple of items which I use quite frequently and thought I would share my favourites.

1. Models own nail file 4 in 1 
I received this nail file in a set with an Impulse body spray and a models own nail polish. I have a number of nail files lying around the place, but finding this little gem was amazing, as I use the smoother and buffer all the time.

2. Boots No7 Protect And perfect hand cream
This items was also received in gift set at Christmas along with two gorgeous glitter nail polishes. With my addiction to buying beauty related products, this item was over-looked and I only found it about a month ago while digging through my nail-polish collection!

3. Rimmel nail rescue treatment
This product is a real-hero product in my books, as I have very weak brittle nails at times. However this 14 day nail hardening treatment really helped the strength of my nails and after using this products I noticed less breakage in my nails.

4. Superdrug Nail polish remover
I made the switch to this liquid nail polish remover a back, after getting tired of running out of the remover pads super fast! As I wear glitter nail polish (and wonder WHY THE HECK do I wear it when it can't get it off my nails) I need something good to remove them off my nails and this product does the job!

5. Nivea pure and natural hand cream
I have been using this cream for quite a long time now, I actually have one tube beside my table and the other in my nail polish bag. I only use a little of this hand cream as it can be a very rich cream, but I certainly have notice the difference in the condition of my hands, including the dry skin around my nails.

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