Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review...

Before purchasing this product I hadn't actually tried any of Lush facial products, mainly because I usually stick to my normally Vichy, Simple or Nivea skin care products. However that day I was in the Lush shop, I must have been feeling adventurous to take the plunge and purchase this Ocean Salt Facial scrub.

My skin type is very indecisive at times depending on the weather and etc. So at times my skin is oily and other times it is very, very dry! Now I normally don't use Face scrub very often, as I also think they are going to be too rough or harsh on my skin. 

However this is not the case with this Lush product. The texture is less hard, but more of a grainy texture. After using this product my skin felt so soft and smooth, I was quite surprised. My skin felt fresh and completely clean and at the same time was not dry at all!

The mixed turquoise and light blue, makes this product look as amazing as it smells! This product is made with organic limes, coarse sea salt and grapefruit infusion.The scent is so fresh and exotic, you feel like your being whisked away to an exotic beach on an island!

Price: At the minute this product is £7.25 for 120g and £13.25 for 250g

Have you tried the Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub???


  1. looks great !! i should try it sometime :) xx

  2. It really is! Thank you for commenting!! :)


  3. Ooo I love the look of this! :-)


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