Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jewellery Storage Ideas...

Hello there! 

I thought today I would share a couple of photos and talk through some of the ways which I store my jewellery! I have tonnes of jewellery and sometimes I do run out of little boxes and places to store them. So I thought I would re-use these glass jars and put them to better use!

The two larger jars used to contain sauces, and my family had set them aside for me...knowing I would find a creative use for them!And smaller jar was actually used to hold a little candle, and once it burnt out I thought it was too cute to just throw away!

I think this is a cheap and super cute way to store jewellery or anything for that matter!

I hoped you liked this post...I have started up a new craft/creative blog Sparkles and Buttons, so if you want check it out!

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