Monday, 29 July 2013

New Apocalips Rimmel Lipgloss Review...

After perusing the shelves of boots I thought, after seeing many ads for these lip glosses, that I would give them a try! There are actually six different shades to try, but below are the three that I decided to purchase.

I have been wearing these lip glosses like crazy, switching shade everyday! I think it's brilliant to have these range of lip glosses which are so strong and powerful in colour and not to mention their staying power when applied.

So here are the swatches of the three shades I purchased. From left to right Steller, Celestial and Apocaliptic. 

Each lip-gloss is £5.99, however at the time when I bought these Boots were doing an offer on these for 2 for £10! I usually don't spend that much on a lip-gloss, but are fantastic and in my opinion definitely worth the money!

P.s I will be giving away one of the Apocalips Lip-glosses in my Giveaway which is coming at the end of this week! So look out for that I you want to be in with a chance of winning one of these lip-glosses and lots of other amazing stuff!!


  1. I havent had the chance to try them out but looks great :)

  2. Since I'm into lip glosses these will probably be good for me. Love the names of them too.

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  3. I am yet to try one of these on my lips I have swatched them and the pigmentation is amazing! I was worried about them not staying on though1



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