Monday, 17 February 2014

My Favourites From The Baftas 2014

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So here are my favourites from the 2014 BAFTAS! And wow, there were some very colourful dresses! But these three are my absolute favourites.

1. Fearne Cotton 
Loving the embellishments on this dress and the style of Cotton's dress is super elegant! Loving the vintage feel!

2. Lupito Nyong'o
OMW. This dress is gorgeous, from the colour to the fitted top of the dress!

3. Uma Thurman
I usually like dresses which are more colourful, but I have to say I love this plain black dress. It is totally sophisticated and stunning on her!

I love all three of these dresses and each one completely suits each of these beautiful ladies, from skin tone to hair colour! Loving them! 

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