Sunday, 5 April 2015

Limited Edition: Lush Pot O' Gold Review!

Hello everyone! 

Today I thought I would share with you all this little treat I picked up in Lush a while ago. At first I wasn't that all impressed with the scent of this one, I was imaging something a lot different than what it is.

However once I used the jelly in the shower I found I liked the scent much better! I actually been using this non-stop in the shower since I bought it. The pot which I got was the 100g, which I think is the only option for this shower jelly. Just like the other shower jellies are priced, this pot is just £3.50 which in my opinion totally worth the money.

The jelly itself has a gold shimmery look with flakes of gold glitter inside. The glitter isn't that noticeable when used directly onto your skin with water, but some of the glitter does come off even when just touching the jelly.

I have before used one of the shower jellies, which I friend kindly bought me for my birthday. I believe it was the Whoosh jelly, which had a gorgeous sweet smell. It actually saddens me that this is a limited edition shower jelly as it has really grown on me and I would most likely purchase it again.

Have you been lucky enough to try the lush Pot o' Gold??

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