Thursday, 11 September 2014

Nivea Express Hydration Primer Review

Hello everyone! 

From some of my other posts and haul posts, you may notice that I use and enjoy many Nivea products. The reason being that I have slightly sensitive skin, which is prone to (at times) quite bad breakouts of spots.

 So many of the products I use and try on my skin are products which I find do not aggravate my skin and at the same time help to keep my skin healthy and moisturised, which is something I find many of the Nivea skincare products do! 

Since beginning to use this Express Hydration Primer, I have notice that my make-up actually looks much better at the end of the day. Usually, depending what make-up I have used, by the end of the night my make-up can look a little dried out. However since using this primer my foundation has stayed in place, and looks better for so much longer!

Another positive point about this product is how it is quickly and easily absorbed once applied to the skin. It almost feels like I have not applied anything to my skin, as it is a light wearable product.

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