Saturday, 17 May 2014

False Eyelash Haul #1

Hello there!

After my recent on-line spending spree from, I thought I would return from my absence with a (in my opinion) rather good fake eyelash haul! 

Hope you all enjoy!

Left: Katy Perry by Eylure Colour Pop Ka-Pow! Purple £3.23
"A stunning and wearable new lash collection from Katy Perry & Eylure"
I saw these lashes by Katy Perry quite some time ago, but they looked a wee bit extreme for my liking and were a little expensive when they first came out. However Superdrug were selling the for £3.23, which I thought was brilliant! What I am going to do with them is the question I am now asking myself! They are crazy long and layered, but I think they would be great for fancy dress or Halloween! The purple colour in these lashes is not super bright, but as they say it is more of a 'colour pop', which I actually think is really nice.

Right: Katy Perry by Eylure Colour Pop Ka-Boom! Blue £3.23
This pair are the blue ones and I have to say they aren't super colourful as the there is black mixed in with the blue to make it subtle. I suppose these lashes could be worn on nights out to complement a certain eye-look, however I think I will be keeping them for fancy dress or if I fancy doing a colourful make-up look, which I would actually be super excited to do!

Left: Eylure Miss Flicklash 107F £6.49
"The false lashes with the built in eyeliner flick!"
I was very intrigued with these lashes and it was actually my first time seeing these 'flick' lashes. They sound like a useful and a complete time save in my opinion. However I have seen quite a few mixed reviews on these, so fingers crossed they work out well!

Right: Ardell Fashion Lashes 131 Black £2.75
These lashes are a new find for me and are by the company Ardell. I have gotten used to wearing Eylure lashes, but I thought it would be good to try a new brand and see how they compare! This pair is a very subtle, simple and quite similar to the usual Eylure Girls Aloud eyelashes.

JINNYlash False Eyelashes, Disco Diva £0.99
OMG! I just couldn't resist buying these lashes! Firstly, they were only 99p! Secondly, they are super gorgeous and sparkly long lashes! I thought these would be great for some crazy eye-make up tutorials or even for fancy dress or indeed Halloween!  I have never even heard of this company before, but I have a feeling that they are going to be discontinued or at least Superdrug is getting rid of them, as they were all on clearance for 99p!!

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